Powerful commodity trading strategies and position management methods!

Since 1997, Floyd Upperman & Associates ("FUA") have been providing an exceptional online trading service for equities, forex & futures traders world-wide.  Start your membership with Floyd Upperman & Associates (FUA) today to reap these benefits:

  • Access to unique Commitments of Traders... trading opportunities.
  • Deep historical CFTC Commitments of Traders (COT) analysis
  • Daily & intraday Floyd Upperman & Associates (FUA) indicator updates
  • Regular commentary & webcasts on market conditions
  • Custom Navigation Program (CNP) provides most efficient use of FUA charts and indicators (enabling users to review current and past market conditions)
  • Access to automated reports and pattern recognition ( e.g. FUA plungers)
  • Disaggregated COT & Traders in Financial Futures COT indicators
  • In-depth trading manuals and video tutorials


Floyd uses statistical analysis to analyze data contained in the COT and disaggregated COT reports and he combines this information with unique price indicators, price patterns and seasonal studies. The custom navigation program ("CNP") also provides members with the ability to review past market conditions exactly as they appeared in the past.  This tool can help traders develop and improve their instinct.

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