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Floyd's article on disaggregated COT report.

disaggregated COT article written by Floyd to Hedge Funds and Investment banking industry regarding modifications to the COT report. Floyd discusses the improvements resulting in greater market transparency via the disaggregated COT report (article starts on Pg #24).

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Commitments of Traders

Floyd Upperman is the author of

"Commitments of Traders: Strategies for Tracking the Market and Trading Profitably"

Commitments of Traders will teach you why the trading activity of commercial institutions—as evidenced in the COT report—is so valuable in analyzing particular markets. And you will learn how to leverage the COT with technical and fundamental analysis. A priceless moneymaking tool, Commitments of Traders is essential reading for anyone trading in the lucrative futures market.
"Floyd has answered for many in this book a way to both understand and use the Commitments of Traders reports." - Ira Epstein, Ira Epstein & Company futures

"If you are interested in capturing major market moves, this is a must-read book." - Larry Williams,

Stocks & Commodities publish review of Floyd's book!

Commitments of Traders (German)


Books Review: Commitments of Traders

Book Review: Commitments of Traders

Read what the experts are saying about Floyd Upperman's best selling "Commitments of Traders!"
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Digging In To COT Data

It's not just a matter of hedgers vs. speculators. An engineer turned trader discusses ways to make sense of the futures Commitment of Traders repot.

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The Commitment of Traders Report Revealed

Floyd Upperman and his COT Report featured in Stocks and Commodities Magazine.
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